Wireless Solutions

Com-Waves is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Com-Waves currently provides High Speed Wireless, web hosting, co-location, email services and more to the residents of eastern and central Iowa.

Please contact us at: (toll-free) 888-211-1664
if you have any questions for us.

Com-Waves is working towards providing high speed internet access to those areas without any high speed options. Please contact us if your area is in need of broadband services!


High Speed Wireless - Canopy Point-to-Point Secure
Currently available in some areas of Clive, Cumming, Des Moines, Urbandale, West Des Moines, Norwalk, Springhill, Prole, Indianola, Milo

Canopy Point-to-Point Secure uses Motorola technology and equipment to provide internet where DSL and cable aren't options. No phone line is required; the link is provided over the 900 or 5.7MHz radio frequency range. An antenna is required on the outside of your building, and is installed by Com-Link technicians.

  • 10 Email accounts are included with your Com-Waves service. Addresses are at one of our available domain names. Please ask what is available. (,,

  • Residential
    Speed (d/u) Canopy Price/Month
    512K/256K $45*
    768K/384K $55*
    1M/512K $65*

    *Canopy Installation Fees $179

    High Speed - Wireless Mesh
    Currently available in areas of Cumming and Coggon, Iowa.

    Speed (d/u) Mesh Price/Month
    512K/256K $30*
    768K/384K $40*
    1M/512K $50*
    * Mesh Activation Fee - $50 one time charge

    IP Addresses

    *Not all services have these IP addresses available for use
    Number of IPs Monthly Charge
    Under 6 $5.00/ea
    6 IP addresses $8
    12 IP addresses $15
    28 IP addresses $30
    60 IP addresses $55
    124 IP addresses $115
    254 IP addresses $200


    Plan/Bandwidth Monthly Charge
    5 Gigabyte $65
    10 Gigabyte $85
    20 Gigabyte $125

  • Extra Bandwidth $5/Gbyte
  • $30 Setup Fee on every plan
  • DNS - Mail Server for one domain name
  • No UPS or Backup Service included

  • Domain Name Registration

    Domain Registration is $12/year
    Domain Transfers are $12 (include one year of registration)
    If registering 3 years or more, we offer price breaks of 20%

    DNS Services

    Install DNS record only - $15 setup
    DNS with IP address - $5/month

    Mail Server

    $10/month ($15 setup)

    Email List Server

    $30/month ($35 setup)

    WebSite Hosting

      Commercial Small Business Personal
    Hosting Fee $30/month $20/month $10/month
    Hard Disk Space 100 MB* 50 MB* 25 MB*
    Monthly Transfer 4G/month 2G/month 1G/month
    Extra Disk Space $5/50MB* $5/50MB* $5/50MB*
    Extra Transfer $8/1GB $8/1GB $8/1GB
    Email Accounts Unlimited* 25* 5*
    Database 10 MB MSSQL None Included None Included
    WebStats Extra $5 Extra $5 Extra $5
    Setup Fee $35 $25 $15
    *We will work with you with whatever needs you require. As we are a small company, we can't offer the limitless amounts that larger companies can. Because of this, we are flexible in our plans and pricing to accomodate whatever you may need.

    Contact Us:

    • Com-Waves,. 
    • 2301 Ridge Trail NE
    • Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
    • 888-211-1664 (toll free)
    • Google Map us!
    • Questions?