Wireless Solutions

Com-Waves is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Com-Waves currently provides High Speed Wireless, web hosting, co-location, email services and more to the residents of eastern and central Iowa.

Please contact us at: (toll-free) 888-211-1664
if you have any questions for us.

Com-Waves is working towards providing high speed internet access to those areas without any high speed options. Please contact us if your area is in need of broadband services!

Residential Customers

We provide all kinds of residential services, including wireless internet access, web hosting, email hosting, etc.

Please tell your friends and neighbors of the availability of Com-Waves service in your area.

Please click here for a list of our services.

Business Customers

For businesses, we offer high speed wireless, web hosting, email hosting, etc.

Due to our central location and ample bandwidth, your business can have a fast connection to the internet. Whatever your needs are, please let us know! Click here for pricing.

Why Com-Waves?

Why choose Com-Waves?   As a locally owned and run business, we can provide personal attention and great customer service, unlike a big communications company. You will also be supporting and promoting local business!